Knife attack on Taichung Metro leaves at least four injured


21st May 2024 – (Taichung) A shocking knife attack occurred aboard a Taichung Metro train in Taiwan around 11.30am on Tuesday, injuring at least four individuals, authorities reported.

According to witnesses, a man wearing a brown jacket brandished a knife inside the train, slashing at passengers indiscriminately. The incident, captured on social media, shows a passenger with a bloodied face being attacked, triggering panic among the commuters. Brave passengers intervened to subdue the assailant; some used umbrellas to fend him off, while others, despite being injured, attempted to apprehend him.

The attacker was eventually restrained by the passengers until law enforcement arrived. The police are currently investigating the scene to determine the motive behind the attack and to secure the safety of all involved. The victims, including two bystanders and the suspect, were taken to the hospital with injuries ranging from cuts to lacerations.

The situation is still developing, and the authorities are working to provide further details as they emerge.