Knife attack at Plaza Hollywood leaves two dead, suspect arrested (7.10pm)

The perpetrator violently attacked a woman by pinning her to the ground and stabbing her with a knife.

2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 5.14pm today, police received reports of a knife attack near the cinema on the third floor of Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill. Reports suggest that two women aged 22 and 26 were injured in the attack. It is reported that the 26-year-old female victim was allegedly slashed at least 34 times with a sharp sashimi knife, and the 39-year-old suspect was subdued on the spot. The woman was later certified dead.

The other 22-year-old woman was also certified dead after arriving at the hospital. She was reported slashed in the neck. The police seized a 12-inch sashimi knife.

In addition, photo of the assault has been circulating online. In the images, he was seen with a bald head, wearing a vest, dark shorts, and sneakers. He forcefully pressed the female victim to the ground with his left hand, while she appeared terrified and screaming in pain and fear. However, the attacker showed no mercy and held a sashimi knife in his right hand, stabbing the victim’s body. An employee of a nearby Sanrio store was shocked and noticed the incident, quickly closing the store’s glass door but still peeking through to witness the brutal attack at close range. The case has been reclassified as murder.

The suspect was arrested by police
The victim received emergency treatment before being pronounced dead.