KMB bus tilts right after hitting road divider on Ching Cheung Road, driver trapped, at least 47 passengers sustain injuries (Updated: 12.45pm)


20th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 9.42am today, a KMB double-decker bus No.290A travelling along Ching Cheung Road towards Tsuen Wan collided with a road divider at Nob Hill. The accident caused the left side of the bus to ride up on the divider, resulting in the driver being injured and trapped in the vehicle.

Eyewitnesses reported that the bus driver lost control of the vehicle before it crashed into the railing and flipped onto its side. The upper deck of the bus was left hanging precariously over the edge of the road.

According to local reports, the bus driver was briefly unconscious after the accident but later regained consciousness. Emergency services were quickly called to the scene, with fire and rescue teams working to free the trapped passengers and paramedics treating the injured.

According to on-site sources, 55 passengers on the upper deck were awaiting rescue, with some suffering minor injuries. About 22 passengers and the driver on the lower deck have all disembarked, with 18 of them receiving treatment for minor injuries at the hospital, while the other 4, including the bus driver, refused to be taken to the hospital.

All passengers on the upper deck of the bus were safely evacuated by 11.45 am, and representatives from KMB arrived to investigate the incident. The Fire Services Department’s search and rescue team arrived to move the bus back into position and remove it from the road. A total of 77 passengers were evacuated and at least 47 of them were admitted to hospital. The injuries of 4 men and 2 women were more serious.

During the collision, debris from the bus was scattered and hit a passing Tesla electric car, whose male driver stopped and is assisting with the investigation. He stated that he was fortunate not to have been hit by the bus during the incident and that he was uninjured. At the time of the collision, he did not notice any speeding or unusual driving behaviour from the bus and therefore did not want to speculate on the cause of the accident.

As a result of a traffic accident, the Transport Department has announced the full closure of Ching Cheung Road near Lai Chi Kok Park in the direction towards Tsuen Wan.

This latest accident has raised concerns over bus safety in Hong Kong. In recent years, the city has seen several serious bus accidents, including a 2018 incident that claimed the lives of 19 people. The government has since introduced new safety measures, such as requiring buses to be fitted with safety belts and speed-limiting devices. Nevertheless, many passengers still do not comply with the safety belt requirements. However, some critics argue that more needs to be done to ensure the safety of bus passengers.