KMB bus rams into I-beam at construction site near United Christian Hospital, 5 injuries reported (Updated: 11.39am)


28th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around 7.27am today, when a KMB bus passed by the construction site opposite United Christian Hospital expansion project at No. 130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, the front of the bus on the left side of the upper floor accidentally hit the I-beam at the site, and the windshield shattered. Part of the bus body was torn off. The driver and 4 passengers on the bus were injured by glass fragments and needed to be taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment. The police surrounded some traffic lanes for investigation. The cause of the accident needs to be further understood.

The 5 injured victims include the bus driver surnamed Lam (47 years old) and 4 passengers sitting on the upper deck. Among them, a boy (10 years old) was injured on the forehead, and a male passenger (20 years old) was injured on his left eye. A female passenger surnamed Wong (30 years old) was injured in the right eye, and a female passenger surnamed Ho (29 years old) sustained hand and head injuries. They were all sent to the United Christian Hospital for treatment.