KMB bus driver’s stern warning to nail-clipping passenger sparks online discussion

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21st November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A netizen from Ma On Shan recently shared a rather nauseating incident that took place on a bus, where a passenger was seen clipping their nails. The bus driver, clearly unimpressed with this behaviour, issued a stern warning that not only put a stop to the act but also imparted some valuable words of wisdom. The incident has since gone viral, sparking a lively debate among online users.

The original poster took to the “Ma On Shan Friends 2.0” Facebook group last Thursday (16th) to recount their experience on KMB bus route 681, which runs between Ma On Shan City Centre and Central.

According to the post, while travelling back to Ma On Shan that day, the netizen witnessed a fellow passenger engaging in the unpleasant act of clipping their nails onboard the bus. The bus driver, clearly having none of it, decided to intervene and delivered the following admonishment.

Many netizens were unaware that bus drivers have the authority to issue warnings to passengers. Some pointed out that the warning button is located in the upper right corner of the driver’s cabin, and it is typically used only when necessary.

Netizens expressed hope that other bus drivers would follow suit, with one user suggesting, “I hope all drivers do the same. It’s unbearable to hear nail-clipping sounds. Some even clip their toenails, which is the worst.” Another commented, “The driver has excellent hearing skills,” while another added, “The driver is absolutely right. I have seen people clipping their nails on the bus, with the nail clippings flying onto the hair of other passengers. It’s extremely unpleasant. Personal hygiene should be taken care of at home.”