KMB driver wins Bun Scrambling Competition title after 10+ years, aims to compete with son in future

Chung Yuk-chuen

27th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Chung Yuk-chuen, a 47-year-old bus driver for KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus), has won the title of “King of the Kings” for the first time at the Bun Scrambling Final on Sunday morning in Cheung Chau. Chung has participated in the event for over a decade, and he credits his win to his training in unfastening the safety harness. He also mentioned that he has been working out for over 20 years, which has helped him stay prepared physically.

Chung has three children, and his eldest son, who is 23, also participated in the event but did not get selected. Chung expressed his hope of participating in the event as a father-son duo with his eldest son in the future. He takes great care of his children and even took a year off from work last year to take care of his 7-year-old child during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chung has participated in more than ten Bun Scrambling competitions in the past, and he has won two second-place prizes and two third-place prizes. When asked about his emotions after winning for the first time, Chung said that he remained calm and focused on completing the task. He believes that his experience is the key to his success. Additionally, Chung said that he trained specifically to reserve his energy for unfastening the safety harness, which was the reason he couldn’t make it to the finals in 2019.