KMB Bus driver engages in fist fight with passenger near Fu Shin Estate


At 9.33am this morning, a Route 75K KMB bus was going from Tai Mei Tuk to Tai Po Market Terminus. During the journey, the 40 year old bus driver drove past Fu Shin Estate Bus Terminus inadvertently because a 56 year old passenger failed to press the bell. He then requested the bus driver to stop immediately so that he could alight from the bus. The bus driver’s refusal to oblige provoked the passenger to engage in a heated argument with him. The squabble eventually evolved into a physical fight outside the bus after the bus driver stopped to confront him.

The 56 year old male passenger who sustained finger injuries. Picture credit :

The bus driver was eventually wrestled to the ground. Other passengers who witnessed the incident called the police who later arrested the two of them. The bus driver sustained injuries on his face and legs whereas the passenger suffered injuries on his fingers. Both were sent to hospital for further treatment.