KMB Bus bursts into flames at Tate’s Cairn Tunnel


13th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) A KMB No.673 with 40 passengers departed from Hong Kong Station in Central and headed for Sheung Shui at 11pm in the evening last night (12th). It was reported that there was a slight malfunction when the bus passed through the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel.

Passengers have detected the smell of burning in the car for a period of time, and the passengers on the upper deck near the rear of the vehicle who noticed the increasingly strong burning smell notified the captain, and at the same time, passengers on the lower deck near the rear of the vehicle said they had witnessed smoke. At the same time, the captain also found that there was a problem with the control.

When leaving the Tate’s Cairn Tunnel toll booth, he stopped the bus near the Shek Mun roundabout, evacuated all passengers, and handed over to the other two buses to continue the journey. They called the police for help. When the police and firefighters arrived at the scene, the bus was plunged into flames. During the period, there was an explosion. The firefighters deployed chemical foam to the bus and quickly put the fire down. However, the bus was burned to scrap, but no one was injured. Affected by the incident, the section of Tate’s Cairn Road from Shatin to Ma On Shan was once closed and traffic congested.

During the period, the police received a report from the public on Lok King Street, Fo Tan, saying that burning smell was also detected in the area, which is believed to be related to the bus fire.