‘King of Thieves’ Kwai Ping-hung arrives at Newark Liberty International Airport in New York


19th January 2020 – (New York)  60-year-old Hong Kong’s ‘King of Thieves’ Kwai Ping-hung finished serving his 16-year term in Stanley Prison yesterday before departing for New York escorted by heavy security personnel arranged by the authorities. At least 6 security officers boarded the flight with him to New York and he sat next to a window at the end of the plane.

He arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport at Hong Kong time 2.10am today and the temperature was around minus 4 degrees. After he went through a special immigration passage, he was escorted by several black men at around 3.47am upon leaving the airport. It is unsure if they were his bodyguards.

A 7-seater vehicle was waiting for him at the car park. A foreign man and a Chinese woman in her 50s were spotted waiting for him. He hurriedly got into the vehicle and sped off.