‘Killing TV’ exhibition at Tai Kwun from 27th September explores the intersection of contemporary art and television


27th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A groundbreaking exhibition titled ‘Killing TV’ is bringing together 15 artists from diverse cultural and historical backgrounds to delve into the dynamic relationship between contemporary art and television. The exhibition aims to explore how TV and TV culture have influenced collective emotions and carried cultural memory across different time periods, including the past, present, and future. Through a range of artistic mediums, from video documentation of performance art to sculptural installations, and from satirical TV show parodies to the appropriation of TV commercials, audiences are invited to embrace artistic experimentation and encounter unfamiliar formats and settings.

Television has long been a dominant mass medium on a global scale, shaping how we consume information, news, and entertainment through live broadcasts. Concurrently, television has played a significant role in influencing art creation, as artists have experimented with various formats that intersect with televisual culture.

The ‘Killing TV’ exhibition delves into how contemporary artists have utilized, disrupted, and deconstructed television as both a medium and a practice from the 1970s to the present day. By bringing together 15 artists from diverse cultural and historical contexts, this group exhibition aims to explore the interplay between contemporary art and television, specifically focusing on how artists have critically examined and challenged television’s pervasive influence on culture as a whole.

The exhibition features a wide range of works, including video pieces that capture performance art and sculptural installations. Some artists engage in the parody of TV shows, while others appropriate TV commercials to convey their artistic messages. This diverse collection of works encourages audiences to embrace the spirit of artistic experimentation and encounter unconventional formats and settings. Through their creations, these artists delve into themes of identity, consumerism, and human connection within society, thereby shedding light on the profound psychological and social impact of television from fresh perspectives.

While ‘Killing TV’ carries a nostalgic undertone, the artists’ works also prompt viewers to examine the present-day mass psychological and social impact of television from a keen and renewed perspective. By doing so, the exhibition invites contemplation on how television fundamentally shaped our understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

The ‘Killing TV’ exhibition will take place from 27th September to 19th November, 2023, operating between 11am and 7pm. The exhibition is located on the first floor of F Hall, Tai Kwun accessible through JC Contemporary. Notably, admission to the exhibition is free of charge, ensuring accessibility for all individuals interested in exploring the intriguing intersection of contemporary art and television.