KFC-themed wedding delights bride and guests in Singapore

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28th November 2023 – (Singapore) Heather Wong’s childhood dream of having a KFC-themed wedding became a reality more than a decade later. The 32-year-old, known for her love of KFC’s fried chicken, eats their food at least once a week and is particularly enthusiastic about limited-edition menu items.

Heather’s husband, Xie Peng, 40, whom she met on a dating app, shares her fondness for the fast-food chain’s fried chicken. Therefore, it seemed only fitting for them to incorporate their shared love for KFC into their wedding celebrations.

With their wedding taking place on Sunday at Safra Choa Chu Kang, the couple reached out to KFC just a month before the big day. Heather and Xie Peng had spent two to three months planning their wedding after getting engaged in August earlier this year. They took a hands-on approach to wedding preparations, personally designing most of the decor using items sourced from Taobao. They also utilized artificial intelligence to create their own wedding video, highlighting their love story.

One month before the wedding, Heather proposed the idea of reaching out to a few of their favourite brands to add a unique touch to their special day, and Xie Peng agreed. Among the brands they contacted, KFC was the only one that responded.

KFC generously sponsored half of the food, while the remaining half was catered by an Asian food provider. The fast-food chain also provided a KFC-themed photo booth backdrop and a Zinger burger sofa. The menu featured 160 pieces of Original Recipe and Hot & Crispy chicken, along with whipped potato. A highlight of the occasion was the beautiful fried chicken bouquet, which Heather found particularly thrilling.

Heather’s infectious excitement extended to her 60 guests, many of whom were surprised by the KFC theme since only a few close family members were aware of KFC’s sponsorship. As the guests entered the function room, their jaws dropped in amazement. The unexpected theme became a source of laughter and joy throughout the event.

The chicken bouquet, a unique and whimsical addition to the festivities, entertained the guests as well. Heather playfully threw it to a friend, adding an element of fun to the celebration.

Heather, Xie Peng, and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the KFC-themed wedding, creating lasting memories and a truly unforgettable experience.