Key figure of telecom fraud group in northern Myanmar commits suicide, three family members arrested and handed over to Chinese Authorities


17th November 2023 – (Beijing) According to a report by CCTV, important figures in a telecom and online fraud criminal group in northern Myanmar, including Ming Guoping, Ming Julan, and Ming Zhenzhen, were successfully apprehended on Wednesday (16th). Another report from The Paper cited sources stating that Ming Xuechang, the head of the Ming family, has died by suicide in northern Myanmar.

The report revealed that the criminal group, led by Ming Xuechang, had long organised fraudulent activities through the establishment of criminal bases for telecom and online fraud. They openly armed themselves for protection and targeted Chinese citizens. The scale of the fraud was enormous. Despite the intense crackdown by the Chinese authorities, the group continued to operate and organise illegal activities. They were also suspected of serious violent crimes, including intentional homicide, intentional injury, and unlawful detention. The circumstances were extremely severe and posed a significant threat.

Based on comprehensive knowledge of the relevant criminal facts and evidence, the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province decided to publicly offer rewards for the arrest of Ming Xuechang, Ming Guoping, Ming Julan, and Ming Zhenzhen on 12th November. In order to apprehend the suspects as soon as possible, Chinese police collaborated with relevant departments in Myanmar for joint law enforcement operations. With the active cooperation of various parties in Myanmar, three important suspects, Ming Guoping, Ming Julan, and Ming Zhenzhen, were successfully captured and handed over to the Chinese authorities. The public security organs will thoroughly investigate the entire range of criminal activities of this group and punish them in accordance with the law.

The report stated that the person in charge of the public security organs emphasized that they will continue to closely monitor the telecom and online fraud criminal group based in northern Myanmar, deepen special crackdown operations, intensify efforts to apprehend the key figures of the fraud group, and resolutely protect the safety, property, and legitimate rights and interests of the people. The public security organs warned the fraud group in northern Myanmar to recognise the situation, abandon their illusions, immediately cease all criminal activities, stop all acts that harm the lives and property safety of Chinese citizens, and release all Chinese telecom and online fraud suspects as soon as possible.