Keung To’s debut English album originally scheduled to be released in September/October has been put on hold


    16th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) After the severe accident that injured 2 dancers during MIRROR concert at the end of last month, their entire work schedule was disrupted.

    Member of MIRROR group, Keung To originally planned to release his first English song by following the footsteps of Korean group BTS to penetrate the European and American music scene, but he had to shelve the plan for the time being. MIRROR’s production company MakerVille has been making every effort to build MIRROR as the strongest local boy band. They also have plans to create tailor-made English songs for Keung To to expand oversea.

    It is reported that the English songs recorded and sang by Keung To will be handed over to SONY for distribution in the European and American markets. The new album was originally planned to be released in September and October this year but it has been put on hold.