Keung To concerns for fans’ well-being in scorching Stanley weather while he spots a thick red jacket


    23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, popularly known as the “King of Popularity” in MIRROR, made a public appearance in Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong, attracting over a thousand fans who gathered to support him at a beverage endorsement event. Despite the scorching heat, Keung To, who has been visibly gaining weight recently, entertained the crowd with his humorous antics.

    Dressed in two long-sleeved shirts, Keung To couldn’t help but sweat profusely. During the event, he even sneakily indulged in some ice cream to cool himself down, amusing both his fans and onlookers with his lighthearted demeanour.

    It has been reported that some dedicated fans had been camping near the venue for two days in order to secure the best spots. Understandably concerned for their safety, Keung To expressed his worries during an interview. He kindly urged everyone to refrain from being too aggressive, acknowledging the intense heat and the arduous conditions they had endured. He said, “I hope everyone can take it easy. It’s really hot and tough! (They gathered outside the radio station the other day, which was quite dangerous.) I know, there are even children among them, so I hope everyone will be careful.”

    When asked about his recent health issues, Keung To revealed that he had been experiencing occasional gastrointestinal problems due to insufficient rest. He assured everyone that it was a minor issue and nothing to worry about.

    In a lighthearted moment, Keung To mentioned that he had recently started taking driving lessons, jokingly admitting that he had only just begun learning how to reverse and park after a few sessions. When asked if he would buy a car once he obtained his driver’s license, he replied that it was purely a desire to acquire a new skill and not an immediate plan to purchase a vehicle. He also expressed gratitude to his fans for their support and jokingly mentioned that while he appreciated their generous gesture of offering to buy him a car, he would decline the offer as it would be too ostentatious. He humbly suggested that they keep the money for themselves.