Keung To, main member of local boy band ‘MIRROR’ passes out during event


    14th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, a member of the Hong Kong boy band MIRROR attended an event and met with the fans but he passed out after posing for pictures for 5 minutes. The three other members immediately helped him to get up. He managed to leave the scene with the support of the staff.

    In fact, in the early hours of today, Keung To has even published an Instagram story to complain about his depression, saying that he did not know when he started to be “fear of contact with others” or “fear of being alone.” But at the same time he promised to fans that he will show fans “a repaired self” in today’s event.

    Keung To also posted before on social media that “I’m tired of everything”, and many netizens are very concerned about his psychological condition.