Keung To from MIRROR boy group returns from New York to Hong Kong today


    17th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, a member of the popular boy group MIRROR, flew to the United States to work last month. It was revealed that this trip was to shoot a dance movie “My Heavenly City”.  Lofai Lo, Chief Executive Officer of MakerVille also took a group photo with Keung To in conjunction with the movie filming.

    Keung To finally returned to Hong Kong today, dozens of fans waited at the arrival hall. To was dressed in black spotting a grey mask and he was carrying a black rucksack as he stepped out of the airport. He was specially arranged to go through the formalities without queuing, and then boarded the tourist bus to the designated quarantine hotel. The whole journey took less than 5 minutes.

    Earlier, some netizens spotted To at the Singapore Changi airport. He was purportedly on transit to take SQ 894 flight at 1.30pm to return to Hong Kong. He arrived at Hong Kong at around 5pm today.