Keung To and 2 other MIRROR members fly to Tokyo for work


    27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Keung To, a member of the popular MIRROR group flew to Tokyo with other MIRROR members Jer and Jeremy for a new project. The trio was spotted at the airport early this morning, with over 20 fans gathered to see them off.

    The three members arrived at the airport in a nanny van at around 8.25am. Jer was the first to exit the vehicle, followed by Jeremy, and finally, Keung To with a large backpack. Accompanied by assistants and staff, the trio made their way to the departure hall, with Keung To bidding farewell to the driver before disappearing into the crowd.

    H2: Fans and Onlookers Gather for a Glimpse of the K for Kong Star

    As the MIRROR members and their entourage made their way to the immigration checkpoint, a group of fans and airport staff gathered to catch a glimpse of Keung To. Despite his sleep-deprived state, the singer graciously acknowledged the fans’ presence, eliciting cheers and excitement.

    However, some onlookers mistook the gathering as a send-off for Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin, who was reportedly on the same flight as the MIRROR members. Nevertheless, the commotion created a buzz at the airport, with several travellers stopping to take pictures and videos of the scene.

    Keung Tos fashion statement also caught the attention of onlookers, with the singer donning a black shirt and pants that accentuated his physique. However, the most notable feature of his attire was a hoodie with a profanity-laced slogan, “FxxK FASHION,” emblazoned on the front.