Kenny Bee’s daughter Blythe makes dazzling debut at Shanghai event, joined by Li Xian and other A-list stars

    From left to right: Kenny Bee, Blythe and Li Xian.

    10th July 2024 – (Shanghai) During a recent public appearance in Shanghai, Blythe Chung, the 71-year-old Kenny Bee’s second daughter, showcased her promising future in the entertainment industry. Kenny Bee, a renowned Hong Kong singer and actor, accompanied his daughter, providing her with valuable support and resources. The event proved to be a significant milestone for Blythe, as she mingled with A-list male celebrities and even snapped photos with them, including the popular mainland Chinese actor Li Xian. Interestingly, it turns out that Li Xian is the idol of Kenny Bee’s eldest daughter, Chloe Chung, which left her feeling envious.

    As a newcomer to the industry, Blythe Chung’s background is undoubtedly impressive. Recently, she attended a brand event in Shanghai, donning an elegant strapless evening gown. Seated alongside her father and several A-list male stars, the atmosphere was lively and enjoyable. Among the notable personalities present were JJ Lin, Jackson Wang, and Li Xian, leaving many netizens envious. Blythe took to Weibo, expressing her excitement about her first public appearance as an adult, stating, “This is my first time appearing at a public event as an adult. It was great to see my beloved brothers having so much fun in Shanghai.”

    Not only did Blythe receive admiration from netizens, but her sister, Chloe Chung, also seemed to be quite envious. Chloe’s idol, Li Xian, made an appearance at the event. Li Xian looked dashing in a black suit, exuding a charming and sunny disposition. Kenny Bee expressed his delight, saying, “The party in Shanghai was fantastic! It featured amazing performances by Jackson Wang, JJ Lin, and my eldest daughter Chloe’s idol, Li Xian. “