Kenneth Fok and olympic diver wife embrace down-to-earth lifestyle in luxurious Clear Water Bay mansion

    Insert picture: Kenneth Fok

    20th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Kenneth Fok, a 44-year-old member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, recently made headlines due to his marriage to renowned Chinese diver Guo Jingjing. The couple has been happily married for 11 years and has three children. Despite Kenneth Fok’s affluent background as a member of a prominent family with an estimated wealth of at least HK$30 billion, they lead a modest and down-to-earth lifestyle. They reside in a luxurious three-story mansion worth HK$160 million in Clear Water Bay, complete with a private garden and swimming pool. However, they are not drawn to extravagant material pleasures and are known as the “most down-to-earth wealthy couple.” They often share glimpses of their daily life with their children on social media. Recently, Kenneth Fok shared a photo on his Instagram Story, showing the family enjoying a hot pot meal at home, which sparked discussions among netizens.

    The interior of their luxurious residence has been exposed on multiple occasions. In the photo, their dining table is equipped with a gas stove and a large pot filled with ingredients typically used for hot pot, such as beef, various types of meat, shrimp, fish balls, fish slices, fish skin dumplings, corn, and lettuce. The absence of expensive and extravagant ingredients demonstrates their grounded lifestyle. Many netizens noticed these details and praised the couple for their simplicity and authenticity. They commented on how the choice of ingredients and the pot reflected the couple’s low-key and down-to-earth nature, stating that such details truly reflect their real-life situation and are a stark contrast to the luxurious hot pot meals often seen on social media.

    Kenneth Fok, born on 2nd July, 1979, is not only a businessman but also a politician. He is the eldest grandson of tycoon Henry Fok and the eldest son of Timothy Fok. Currently, he serves as a Legislative Councillor representing the Sports, Performing Arts, Culture, and Publication Functional Constituency. Additionally, he holds the position of vice president in the Fok Ying Tung Group, vice president of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, and is a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

    Guo Jingjing, Kenneth Fok’s wife, is a retired Chinese diver and a highly decorated athlete. She has won multiple Olympic gold medals and World Championships in diving. Guo is tied with her partner Wu Minxia for having won the most Olympic medals among female divers. She achieved a remarkable feat by winning the 3m springboard event in five consecutive World Championships. Guo announced her retirement from diving in 2011.