Ken Hung, HK cantopop singer develops convulsions and passes out during filming in Foshan


    8th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) Ken Hung,  Hong Kong cantopop singer had an accident when he was filming a movie in Shunde, Foshan, China. Standing on a wooden box, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and convulsed. He fell to the ground after several steps and was once unconscious. Nearly 10 minutes later, the staff immediately sent him to the hospital for treatment.

    Before being sent to the hospital, Hung had convulsions and vomiting with suspected epilepsy symptoms. After the paramedics arrived, they immediately performed emergency treatment. The situation was very critical at the time. Hung’s agent, Emperor Entertainment responded on his behalf: “Thank you everyone for your concern about Hung’s situation. He has returned to Hong Kong and is resting at home. He also went to the hospital for a full examination. The examination report is pending reply. He has also injured his shoulder and he is undergoing physiotherapy. He was given first aid in the ambulance. Although he vomited, he regained consciousness in the ambulance.”