How to keep your apartment warm during this cold winter


    The Hong Kong Observatory reported that the winter monsoon over southern China will persist in the next few days. It will be cold, mainly fine and dry over the region. Temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large. So, it’s important to know how to keep your house warm when the temperatures drop.

    Here are five simple ways to keep your house or apartment warm in winter without racking up extra bills.

    Watch out for drafts

    Even the smallest draft can cause the temperature inside the house to drop drastically when the weather is cold. Common places for drafts to enter your house are underneath doors, around windows (including between window panes and the frame).  A simple towel or blanket laid at the foot of a door can prevent a draft coming through and keep the house warm. And tape along the edges of window panes can prevent those pesky drafts entering seemingly through the glass.

    Move furniture away from portable heaters

    It might seem like the most logical way to arrange your living room, but a couch right in front of a portable heater is a really inefficient way of retaining heat. Keeping portable heaters free of obstructions is the best way to ensure the heat dissipates as much as possible and keeps the house warm. A portable heater should always be placed on the floor as it will naturally spread more of the heat farther.

    Close your curtains

    While sunlight is a helpful (and free) way to keep your house warm during the day, as soon as the sun goes down it’s a good idea to close your curtains to stop heat from being lost.  If your curtains are thin, a blanket hoisted over a curtain rail can improve insulation if you don’t mind your house looking silly for a while.

    Close doors to rooms you’re not using

    We would also recommend that you close all the room doors to create a “pocket of heat” in one room or to lessen the amount of space in your home to heat, allowing warmer air to stay in the rooms you are using. Is there one room in your house that’s always colder than the rest, no matter what? If you’re not using that room, make sure you close it off so it doesn’t absorb valuable heat from the rest of the house.

    Put a rug down

    Tiled floors and uninsulated floorboards can make a room freezing, but they can also directly make you cold when you walk on them. To solve that problem, lay a rug over the offending area.  It can act as a heat trap and who knows — it could be a style feature that outlasts the winter.

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