Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant set for intimate backyard wedding

    Keanu Reeves (left) and Alexandra Grant (right).

    13th April 2024 – (Los Angeles) Keanu Reeves is planning an intimate wedding with his partner of five years, Alexandra Grant. The couple, who first met as friends and later found romance, are reportedly looking forward to a simple and personal ceremony, eschewing the grandeur typical of celebrity nuptials.

    Reeves, the 59-year-old star known for his roles in films like “John Wick,” and Grant, a respected visual artist, have a deep connection rooted in their shared creative pursuits. They previously collaborated on the book “Ode to Happiness” in 2011 and co-founded a publishing company in 2017. This artistic synergy is a cornerstone of their relationship, with mutual respect and understanding of each other’s crafts evident.

    The wedding plans, as sources close to the couple suggest, reflect their low-key lifestyle. Opting for a backyard setting at Reeves’ $8 million residence, the event is set to be a modest gathering with close friends and family, including notable figures like Sandra Bullock and Alex Winter, Reeves’ long-standing friends and collaborators.

    Despite his high-profile status, Reeves is known for his unassuming and grounded personality. This trait is mirrored in Grant, who, despite her relationship with one of Hollywood’s leading actors, maintains a low profile, shying away from the fame that comes with the celebrity milieu. Her influence is palpable, with the couple often spending their time engaged in discussions about art or enjoying the quieter moments at home.

    Their relationship marks a significant chapter in Reeves’ life, who has experienced profound personal tragedies, including the loss of his former girlfriend Jennifer Syme and their child, as well as the death of his close friend River Phoenix. These events have shaped Reeves’ outlook and his approach to life and relationships.

    In a remarkable twist to their engagement story, it was Grant who proposed to Reeves. This move, indicative of her confident and direct nature, was warmly received by Reeves, who had been contemplating this next step.