Karaoke operators not optimistic about reopening of business on Friday as no food & drinks allowed after midnight


16th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) The government recently announced the relaxation of social distancing measures. This Friday (18th), karaoke, nightclubs and bars and other premises will be allowed to reopen, and dine-in hours of the catering business will be extended 11.59pm. The Food and Health Bureau pointed out that premises such as karaoke and nightclubs cannot provide food or drinks after midnight, but there are no restrictions on business hours. According to the industry, due to the time limit for dine-in meals, customers are expected to leave early, so they are not optimistic about the business.

Karaoke, bars, etc. are allowed to reopen from Friday, but must comply with specific regulations, including only 2 customers are allowed per table, and live performances or dancing are not allowed. Karaoke rooms must not have more than 4. If the relevant premises provide food or drinks, they can only provide dine-in food from 5 am to 11:59 pm, but there are no restrictions on business hours. The Public Relations Department of Red MR karaoke said that it believes that with the increase of citizens’ awareness of epidemic prevention, the situation after the reopening of karaoke on Friday will not be very optimistic. It also pointed out that because drinks and food are not available after 12 midnight, customers will leave early.