K-Pop star Jennie spotted using electronic cgarette in Italy


    9th July 2024 – (Capri) Korean pop sensation Jennie, a member of the hugely popular girl group BLACKPINK, has found herself embroiled in controversy after footage emerged of her allegedly using an electronic cigarette indoors during a fashion show trip to Italy.

    The footage, which Jennie had initially shared on her personal channel, shows behind-the-scenes glimpses of her preparations for the fashion event as well as sightseeing in Italy. However, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a concerning moment where Jennie appears to be using an e-cigarette while being made up by her stylist.

    This has sparked outrage among Korean netizens, as indoor smoking has been banned in the country since 2015. Many have criticised Jennie for her apparent disregard for the comfort of the staff around her, who would have been forced to inhale secondhand smoke.

    “Jennie’s recent footage of her smoking indoors is causing controversy. It seems the location was Capri Island, Italy, and I have already reported the incident to the South Korean embassy in Italy through the ‘National Petitions Drum’ channel,” one concerned fan commented.

    In response to the backlash, Jennie’s agency, ODDATELIER, issued an apology. “We sincerely apologise to everyone who felt uncomfortable by Jennie’s behaviour in the footage. Jennie deeply reflects on how her indoor smoking has affected the other staff members. She has directly contacted the personnel present at the time to apologise. We are sorry to have let down her fans, and Jennie promises to conduct herself in a more mature manner going forward.”

    It has been reported that the agency has now removed the segment where Jennie appears to be using an electronic cigarette from the original footage.