Julian Cheung’s son Morton apologises for anti-Asian remarks made in 2019: “As a Chinese, I must take responsibility”

    Morton Cheung. Insert picture: Julian Cheung

    27th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Local singer and actor Julian Cheung finds himself entangled in controversy once again. Apart from being invited by the police to assist in the JPEX investigation, his son Morton Cheung, has recently faced immense pressure due to the resurfacing of a video from his earlier years that appeared to contain anti-Asian sentiments.

    Today, Morton took to a social media platform to issue a lengthy apology, stating:

    “Hello, everyone. I am Morton Cheung, and I sincerely apologize for the trouble caused by my inappropriate words and actions. Regarding the rap video imitating incident from four years ago, I want to express my utmost remorse. I am fully aware of the severity of my mistake, and I want to say to everyone: I’m sorry, I was wrong. Throughout my growth process, I have made many mistakes, and I welcome and appreciate all guidance and criticism. If I do something foolish, I must accept criticism. Now that I’m almost 17 years old, my mentality is gradually maturing, and I understand that as a Chinese person, I must take responsibility. When I make mistakes, I must acknowledge them and strive to improve. I hope that in the future, everyone will continue to guide and correct me, so that I can become a better person. Thank you, everyone.”

    The video in question is believed to be an Instagram Story shared by Morton’s cousin in 2019, where Morton is seen enthusiastically performing an English rap. The lyrics of the rap contain explicit discriminatory language: “I asked if they can see, they should know I’ve given the glasses they become the math pro, they from Guangzhou, they see me eating dog, they say they want some…” Additionally, while performing, Morton slants his eyes with his hands, mimicking a derogatory gesture towards Asians, which sparked a wave of criticism from netizens.

    In addition to this incident, another incident resurfaced involving Morton’s “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram Story at the end of 2021. When asked, “Are you in China now?” Morton replied in English, saying, “No, not right now,” while sharing a photo taken on the Central Observation Wheel in Hong Kong. This response was interpreted by netizens as “Hong Kong is not China,” leading to backlash from mainland Chinese internet users. Morton’s mother, Anita Yuen, quickly apologised and clarified on Weibo, emphasizing their family’s patriotism and support for a unified China, which eventually helped calm the situation.