Juan Tang, UC Davis researcher hiding in Chinese consulate in San Francisco arrested on Friday


24th July 2020 – (San Francisco) The U.S. Department of Justice announced on Thursday (23rd) that four Chinese researchers who concealed their relationship with the People’s Liberation Army were prosecuted. One female researcher who was hiding in the Chinese consulate in San Francisco was arrested after leaving the consulate on Friday (25th).

Juan Tang, a cancer researcher at University of California, is suspected of working for the Chinese military. She had taken refuge at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco after being questioned by the FBI before being arrested.

She will appear in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of California today. FBI personnel later found photos of Juan Tang wearing a military uniform on the Internet, only to investigate and learn that she worked for the PLA Air Force Military Medical University and was an active Chinese soldier.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed 26th June in the Eastern District of California, Tang applied for a non-immigrant visa on Oct. 28 and was issued a J-1 visa on 5th Nov. to conduct research at UC Davis. Tang entered the United States on 27th Decembre, the complaint states.  

On her visa application, Tang answered no to the question, “Have you served in the military?” She also said she was not affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. U.S. prosecutors allege that those were false statements.

The Justice Department official told reporters Tang was detained on Thursday night and did not have diplomatic immunity as she was not declared as a diplomatic official.

A total of four persons including Juan Tang were all charged with visa fraud. The U.S. Department of Justice said that these four persons were part of China’s attempt to infiltrate American institutions to obtain scientific and technological knowledge. Assistant Attorney General Demers (John Demers) said: “This is another part of the CCP’s advantage of taking advantage of our open society and using academic institutions.” While prosecuting four people, the Department of Justice also announced on Thursday that the FBI will start questioning visa holders in 25 cities who are suspected to work incognito for People’s Liberation Army.