Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow to face trial tomorrow and may be sentenced to imprisonment


22nd November 2020 – (Hong Kong) At 9.30am tomorrow morning, Joshua Wong,  Ivan Lam (Former Demosisto chairman) and Agnes Chow ( former member of the Standing Committee of Demosisto) will appear at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ court for trial. As all three of them have pleaded guilty, the trial is expected to enter the closing submission stage soon. It is not known whether they will be sentenced immediately tomorrow. Agnes Chow posted on her Facebook this evening that the three of them may be sentenced and go to jail immediately.

She said that although she is mentally prepared, she is still concerned as this will be the first time that she is going to jail. She said that if she is not sentenced tomorrow, she will still need to report to the police station on 2nd December for another case involving violation of National Security Law.  She was accused of using social media to collude with foreign forces since July, but the statement was vague and did not specify the time, event and content.

Joshua Wong, Anges Chow and Ivan Lam were charged with inciting others, organising or participating in unapproved assembly at Wan Chai Police headquarters on 21st June last year. Among them, Anges Chow admitted earlier that she had incited others to participate without approval and knowingly participated in an unauthorised assembly. Earlier, Joshua Wong and Ivan Lam continued to plead not guilty before changing to a guilty plea.