Joseph Lam’s arrest leaves mother worried, TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng heads to Malaysia, additional arrests linked to JPEX case increase to 8

Jacqueline Ch'ng

19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent development, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has determined that the crypto asset trading platform known as “JPEX” is operating without a license.  Law enforcement authorities have received over 1,600 reports, involving an amount exceeding HK$1 billion, and the number of arrests has risen to 8 individuals including Joseph Lam Chok. The SFC, along with law enforcement officials, will hold a press conference at 4pm today.

Today (19th), Lam’s mother briefly expressed that she is currently occupied. When asked if she is worried about Lam, she replied, “Of course I’m worried! But we have to face it.”

Another individual involved in the case, TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng who hails from Malaysia, who had previously taken down a promotional video emphasising that she had no contact with the company in question and only had connections with a company collaborating with “JPEX,” is currently in Malaysia. She recently uploaded a video clip showing her attending a primary school celebration for a friend’s child, receiving extravagant gifts from luxury brands. Ch’ng known for her outspoken nature, made cryptic remarks in the video, prompting some netizens to leave comments mentioning the JPEX case and mocking her in relation to the extradition agreement between Malaysia and Hong Kong. However, Ch’ng merely responded with a “tears of joy” emoji.

Furthermore, reports suggest that law enforcement officials have targeted another individual in the entertainment industry but have been unable to apprehend the individual due to his/her overseas location.