Joseph Lam Chok’s girlfriend Hiromi Wada visits him at Central Police Station with char siu rice

Joseph Lam (left) and Hiromi Wada (right).

18th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force arrested Joseph Lam Chok and influencer Chan Yee today (18th) on suspicion of their involvement in the JPEX crypto asset trading platform case. The police conducted a thorough search of Joseph Lam Chok’s store located in the Entertainment Building in Central, unearthing four boxes of evidence and a substantial amount of cash. Lam Chok was taken to the Central Police Station for further investigation.

Later in the evening at 9.30pm, Lam Chok’s girlfriend, Hiromi Wada, arrived at the Central Police Station carrying a lunch box. However, she revealed that she had not yet seen Lam Chok, stating, “He informed me through his lawyer that he has a craving for char siu rice and iced lemon tea, and his current condition is relatively good.” Wada anticipates that Lam Chok will be released within 48 hours, as she is awaiting further notification. Lam Chok was apprehended by the police earlier today at noon.

Wada mentioned that she has already informed Lam Chok’s mother about the situation. When asked if his mother would come to visit him, Wada replied that they have been in contact, saying, “Since she hasn’t returned to Hong Kong yet, if there are any further updates, she will come back.” Wada emphasized that she can only communicate with Lam Chok through his lawyer.