Jordan’s New Lucky House struggles with power outages following fatal fire incident


15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The entrance to Jordan’s New Lucky House was still barricaded early this morning, following a third-degree fire that recently swept through the building. Despite the absence of law enforcement officials to monitor the situation, residents were seen returning to check on their homes.

As of today, several floors in the building have had their power and water supply restored. However, the first to third floors, which are closer to the site of the fire, remain without these essential services. This has left many residents with no choice but to extend their temporary stays with relatives and friends.

On the building’s third floor, Ms. Chan, who operates a guesthouse, reported that her business is still without water and electricity. The prolonged outage has resulted in a complete absence of guests, leading to significant financial losses estimated in the tens of thousands. Ms. Chan expressed deep dissatisfaction with the ongoing situation, highlighting the severe impact on her livelihood.