Joey Siu of HKIAD meets German politician, Reinhard Bütikofer to discuss the current situation in Hong Kong


19th September 2019 – (Germany) Joey Siu of Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation (HKIAD) met with German politician who has been member of the European Parliament since 2009., Reinhard Bütikofer and exchanged their views regarding the current situation of Hong Kong.

On behalf of the delegation, Joey made a few suggestions,

  1. Member states of the European Union should grant asylum to Hongkongers who experience political suppression;
  2. Ensure victims of unlawful arrest could apply for Visas in future times;
  3. Implementing a Magnitsky-styled act in European countries to sanction individuals who violate human rights.

Mr. Bütikofer showed his solidarity with Hongkongers and he promised to urge the member states of the European Union to help Hong Kongers.