Joe Biden makes TikTok debut in light-hearted video, addressing politics and sports

Joe Biden

12th February 2024 – (Washington) U.S. President Joe Biden has joined the popular social media platform TikTok, sharing his first video on Sunday. The move comes despite previous criticism of the video-sharing app by both Republicans and the Biden administration due to concerns over its Chinese ownership and alleged propaganda ties.

In the 26-second video posted on the @bidenhq campaign account, the 81-year-old Democratic president engages in a light-hearted discussion, touching on topics such as politics and the NFL championship game. When asked about his preference between the Super Bowl and the highly anticipated halftime show featuring singer Usher, Biden humorously chooses to watch the actual game. In response to a question about an unfounded right-wing conspiracy theory suggesting a secret plot to rig the game in favour of pop star Taylor Swift, who is dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, Biden playfully leans into the speculation, stating, “I’d get in trouble if I told you.”

Despite previous security concerns, including bans on the app by individual states and the federal government on official devices, TikTok’s future in the U.S. appears less uncertain. Recent legal action in Montana to ban the app was blocked by a judge, and further federal efforts to impose a ban have diminished. Experts suggest that the idea of a ban may have been more politically motivated than a genuine legislative effort.

As the upcoming election approaches, TikTok provides a platform for Biden to connect with young voters. The video concludes with Biden being asked to choose between himself and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, to which he responds with laughter and a simple, “Biden.”