Jimmy Lai speaks to Jack Keane, retired American four-star general on Biden’s stand towards China


26th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) Jimmy Lai, the owner of Next Digital media had a live online session this morning with Jack Keane,  retired American four-star general, former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. He is a national security analyst, primarily on Fox News, and serves as chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and as chairman of AM General.

The two discussed the US President-elect Biden’s position on China after he took office. He said that Hong Kong people are worried about Biden’s attitude and stance towards China, and that he is not as firm as incumbent President Trump, and he may be less likely to speak up for Hong Kong people. Some scholars criticised Jimmy Lai for his perseverance and repeated collusion with foreign forces and foreign politicians to paint a bad picture of Hong Kong, but his influence has been much lower than before.

Jimmy Lai asked Jack Keane whether he was worried about the multilateralism advocated by the Biden administration because he and the Trump administration would force other countries to cooperate with US policies, so that they would have enough power to fight against China. Lai asked Keane what else Hong Kong people could do to attract the attention of the next US government. Keane believed that it was important for Lai to speak for Hong Kong and hoped that Lai would continue to speak out. The two also hoped that the Biden government would use a strong fight against China.

Regarding Lai’s live broadcasts on social platforms with foreign politicians, Professor Chan Wai-keung from School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University criticised Lai’s steadfastness and said that no member of the Democratic and Republican Party of the United States is willing to talk to him anymore. The foreign politicians he talked to are all relatively inferior and less well-known. Chan said that Lai’s influence has been declining since he was arrested many times. At present, he is only deceiving Hong Kong people to make people think that his influence is still strong.