19th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office accused that Jimmy Lai, the owner of Apple Daily is the mastermind behind the current unrest, Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, the organisation under the Party’s Central Committee responsible for political and legal affairs published an article yesterday to accuse Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee , Anson Chan and Albert H as the ‘ HK Trouble – Gang of 4’. The article listed a total of 14 crimes accusing them of selling Hong Kong to America.

Jimmy was probably introduced by his aide, Mark Simon to Christian Whiton, the American national security expert who has served in multiple White House administrations (George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump’s administrations) who appear regularly on Fox news, Jimmy was granted air time twice on Fox TV. All of them were spotted having dinner at 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, an Italian fine dining restaurant in Central on 4th August in the presence of Martin Lee, Anson Chan, Cardinal Joseph Zen (Trustee of 616 Humanitarian Relief Fund), legislative councillors including Alan Leong, Jeremy Jansen Tam,  Lee Wing-tat and Albert Ho.

Co-incidentally, Jimmy’s aide, Mark Simon also wrote an opinion piece on Fox News website dated June 17th titled, ‘Mark Simon: Hong Kong strong — Why world should be amazed by what has happened in this city‘ which ended with a sentence, ‘ ‘Trust me, they will march every weekend if it keeps the Chinese Communist Party away from their door.’ Like we said earlier, it seems like Mark did predict the protests correctly. Street rallies have indeed become a weekly affair since June. He has very, very good instincts.

On July 15, Jimmy Lai appeared on Fox Nation in the United States after meeting with the Vice President of United States, Mike Pence and several other top US government officials earlier on 8th July 2019. During the Tv interview, he said that the 7 million Hong Kongers have different values as compared to the mainland Chinese as Hong Kong was previously a British colony. He further said that the extradition bill is a last wall for the young people to fight as they have no other alternatives. He claimed that once the young people lose their freedom, they will have nothing. He repetitively said the ‘young people’ have invigorated the whole Hong Kong to come out to the streets to support them as Hong Kongers were empathic and sympathetic towards them. However, we would like to make a correction, 2 million out of the 7 million of population is definitely not the entire Hong Kong. There are more than 70% of the majority who are either fence sitters, couldn’t care less or they do not think that the bill will affect them as they have no plans to become fugitives.

He then said that it’s the moral courage that was accorded to the young people. He ended the interview by asking the question : Even America would want to look at the world as to whether you want the Chinese dictatorial values to dominate this world or you want the value you treasure to continue in this Western, civilised way.

It seems like Jimmy has attributed the entire movement to the young people as the rest of Hong Kongers were just influenced by them. If the controversial law were to be passed, it would allow extradition of criminal suspects on a case-by-case basis to all jurisdictions with which Hong Kong has not yet concluded such formal agreements and the countries included China, Taiwan and Macau. We understand the implication of the bill but doesn’t this apply to every single Hong Kong citizen? Why the younger generations are particularly enraged? The entire Hong Kong should be angry and not just the young people unless some propaganda machinery has infuriated their minds beforehand.

In a different footage (CLICK HERE) , Jimmy Lai repetitively said that Hong Kongers grew up with Western values and not Chinese values. He said that the United States had a moral authority to support Hong Kong.

Jimmy Lai appeared on FOX NATION on 15th July.

After leading the illegal street rally yesterday from Causeway Bay to Central, Jimmy left for a Skype interview with FOX NEWS again. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE NEWS).Why FOX NEWS again and again? We are not saying that the host is not attractive but according to Wikipedia, Fox News has been described as practicing biased reporting in favour of the Republican Party, the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations and conservative causes while slandering the Democratic Party and spreading harmful propaganda intended to negatively affect its members’ electoral performances. Co-incidentally, Christian Whiton, also served in the George W. Bush and Donald Trump’s administrations previously.

During the interview, he said that nothing has changed since the protests have started in June. Hong Kong people are very persistent in what they want, they want universal suffrage instead of being attacked constantly because Hong Kongers can’t constantly get attacked and encroachment on their freedom. If the extradition bill goes through, it’s the end the of Hong Kong because it undermines the rule of law, Hong Kong will no longer be a financial centre.

HE further said that it is everyone’s responsibility to fight this dictatorship to keep Hong Kong free as Hong Kong is very different from China because we share different values due to its British colonial past. The FOX NEWS host then said that during the last appearance on Fox news, Jimmy made an appeal to President Trump to support Hong Kong. He surprisingly replied that he has not met anyone from the administration despite having met several top US government officials in July including the Vice President, Mike Pence.

He claimed that Mr. Trump has already spoken on the issue by linking their movement to the trade negotiations between U.S. and China. He further accused the Chinese state media for lying by accusing that the U.S. is behind the movement in Hong Kong. He claimed that there was no evidence to substantiate the allegation. Again, he reiterated that United States should uphold the moral authority as Hong Kongers share the same Western values.

In 2014, Mark Simon, Jimmy Lai’s aide who was accused of being an American spy during the Occupy Central said that he believes ‘the US government has no interest in meddling in Hong Kong but merely wants it to remain stable.

Over the last five years, it seems like The United States has taken a different stand after Jimmy Lai repetitively called for United States to support Hong Kong as United States has a moral authority now to uphold the same Western values in Hong Kong. We do not know what to make out of the two contradicting statements made 5 years apart but in same anti-Beijing movement.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump tweeted on 15th August the following:

It  is also enshrined in the Basic Law, which says at Article 27 that “Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration; and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike.” It is exactly because of Article 27 that Jimmy Lai remains at large without being arrested by Beijing government regardless of whether he has the support of the U.S. government.

Again, we are on the same page as Jimmy Lai on the extradition bill but we do not think that United States should interfere in the Hong Kong affairs.