Jimmy Lai creates new Twitter account to get attention from foreign forces on the new National Security Law in Hong Kong

Picture credit: Jimmy Lai's Twitter account.

23rd May 2020 – (Hong Kong) Jimmy Lai who has been recently charged with criminal intimidation and participation/organisation of illegal assemblies created a new twitter account yesterday and he first tweet was ‘China clampdowns on HK’s rule of law and freedom by a new National Security Act is now good time to start a Twitter a/c. to show the world CCP’s disrespect of law and the fact that CCP is not to be trusted.‘ Many critics described his latest move as an attempt to collude with foreign politicians who always use the social media platform to voice their stands.

He even tagged Donald Trump in one post yesterday in which he said ‘President Trump remarked “HK’s gone through a lot.“ Rarely have HK people heard more sympathetic words about their plight. Coming from the most powerful leader of the world means a lot.’ At 3.13pm today, he changed his new profile picture. Another purported unverified twitter account claiming to be CCP People’s Security Bureau spokesperson replied to his comment and ‘told him to shut up now and no one gets hurt.’

Professor Chan Wai-keung, Lecturer/Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs/Opinion Columnist, CPCE, Hong Kong Polytechnic University said that most countries have enacted a national security law. He believes Jimmy lai ’s claim that the Mainland ’s use of national security law to undermine the rule of law and freedom in Hong Kong is a double standard, and there are no sufficient grounds. He also pointed out that this is the first time that Lai has opened an account on Twitter, and one of his posts specifically invited President Trump to pay attention to the situation in Hong Kong. He believes that Lai’s move is intended to increase his presence amongst the Western powers to garner more attention.

Professor Chan pointed out that the rule of law in Hong Kong does not require the blessing of the United States. In addition, many Americans feel that Trump is suppressing the rule of law and freedom in their own country. He thinks that Lai’s move is absurb, and also shows that he is willing to become a traitor to China.