Jennifer Tse, sister of celebrity Nicholas Tse, invests HK$17.1m to purchase an apartment at THE ASTER in Happy Valley

    Jennifer Tse

    10th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Jennifer Tse, has recently made a substantial investment in the luxury residential development, THE ASTER, located in Happy Valley. The purchase amounted to HK$17.1 million, with an average unit price of approximately HK$29,000 per square foot.

    The transaction was carried out under the umbrella of Kerry Properties (0683), the developer behind the prestigious project in the sought-after neighbourhood of Happy Valley. Jennifer Tse’s acquisition includes a unique unit with a practical area of 581 square feet, along with an additional 593-square-foot platform. The property features a two-bedroom layout, providing an elegant and spacious living space.

    It is worth noting that the buyer, Jennifer Tse, shares the same surname as her brother, renowned actor Nicholas Tse, leading to speculation that they are indeed the same person. Additionally, as part of the purchase, Tse has fulfilled her tax obligations, amounting to approximately HK$ 641,500, which accounts for 3.75% of the property’s value.

    Jennifer Tse’s venture into the real estate market follows in the footsteps of her brother, Nicholas Tse, who previously gifted her a lavish property worth HK$30 million in 2017. Despite her reduced presence in the entertainment industry in recent years, Jennifer Tse has previously worked as a model and appeared in films.