Jay Chou’s resurgent hair raises suspicions of impersonation by lookalike


    22nd February 2024 – (Shanghai) Jay Chou, Taiwan’s reigning music icon, has enjoyed a successful career spanning three decades. However, throughout the years, numerous Jay Chou impersonators have emerged, imitating his appearance and style to an uncanny degree. One of the most notable among them is the infamous “Pancake seller Jay Chou,” who bears an astonishing resemblance to the superstar. Jay Chou himself has previously educated fans on how to distinguish between the real and fake versions, stating that being seen with his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, is a surefire way to identify him. Yet, it didn’t take long for the internet to witness the emergence of Hannah Quinlivan lookalike alongside the “Pancake seller Jay Chou,” posing together in a photo.

    Hannah Quinlivan lookalike made an appearance alongside the “Pancake seller Jay Chou.”

    Recently, a photo of Jay Chou with a noticeably fuller head of hair began circulating online. However, some fans expressed scepticism, claiming that the Jay Chou they knew had thinner hair. This revival photo has raised suspicions of a doppelgänger, leaving fans perplexed. With Jay Chou’s immense popularity across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, it comes as no surprise that several imitators have attempted to ride his coattails. Among them, the “Pancake seller Jay Chou” stands out as the most strikingly similar. However, the genuine Jay Chou has previously shared tips on distinguishing between the authentic and the counterfeit. He once revealed that being seen with his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, is a foolproof way to confirm his identity. Unfortunately, a fake Hannah Quinlivan lookalike has now made an appearance alongside the “Pancake seller Jay Chou.”