Jay Chou shares picture of newborn daughter on social media


    6th May 2022 – (Taipei) The youngest daughter of Jay Chou, the king of mandopop, was finally born. Chou posted a photo of his newborn daughter on social media today and said, “Both mother and daughter have worked hard. Thank God for this beautiful gift!” His wife Hannah Quinlivan also uploaded a photo of Jay Chou holding her daughter’s little feet, and said, “just when you think you know Love, something little comes along to remind you just HOW BIG IT REALLY IS” to welcome her daughter.

    In December 2014, Chou announced that he would marry Quinlivan on his 36th birthday.  Sarah Haywood planned their wedding in the United Kingdom.It took place in Selby Abbey in SelbyEngland on 17th January 2015, one day before Chou’s birthday. A private wedding ceremony open to friends and family occurred on 9th February in Taipei. A third reception, this time in Australia, was held in March.  According to Chou’s official Facebook page, the couple has been registered for marriage since July 2014.

    The couple has two other children: daughter Hathaway (born July 2015) and son Romeo (born June 2017).