Jay Chou reveals his HK$170 million Taipei penthouse complete with 360-degree views and expensive art collection


    25th April 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese pop icon Jay Chou is not just known for his chart-topping hits and cinematic ventures; he is equally famed for his expansive real estate portfolio that spans across the globe. One striking feature about his properties—they are so vast that Chou famously quipped on social media, “My house has no neighbours!” when fans expressed concern that his late-night piano sessions might disturb others.

    In 2015, Chou invested approximately HK$170 million in purchasing the penthouse duplex units on the 37th and 38th floors of the Taipei Peace Palace, making it the love nest post his marriage to actress Hannah Quinlivan. Situated in the heart of Taipei city, this top-tier residence is touted as a museum-level luxury home with a 360-degree panoramic terrace large enough for dog-walking and hosting scenic parties. It has become a popular spot among Chou’s celebrity friends for social gatherings.

    The décor of Chou’s residence reflects a palette of white and natural wood, complemented by a light grey sofa and a marble coffee table, creating a warm yet stylish ambience. The children’s room is adorned in pink and features a built castle, while his mother, Yeh Hui-Mei’s room, is brightly lit with crisp white décor, and even sports a SpongeBob SquarePants painting by KWAS, reportedly worth tens of millions.

    Chou’s abode is not just a home but a gallery of sorts, housing an impressive collection of artworks including Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Orange Sports Figure”, Peter Doig’s “Canoe-Lake Road House”, and Pablo Picasso’s “The Sailor”.

    Moreover, Chou’s taste extends to vintage wine and mid-century furniture, with notable pieces such as the Chief’s Chair designed by Danish national treasure Finn Juhl. In 2013, Chou set a record in home furnishings auctions by acquiring this chair for about RMB 3.6 million.

    The unveiling of his residence led to a mixed bag of reactions online. Some netizens critiqued his taste, while others expressed envy at his luxurious lifestyle funded by his massive fan base. Comments ranged from playful jabs about his mother’s superior taste in décor to sarcastic remarks about the simplicity of the SpongeBob painting.