Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan quietly donate NT$5 million for Taiwan earthquake relief efforts


    13th April 2024 – (Taipei) In the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquake in Taiwan, particularly affecting the city of Hualien, Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou and his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, have made a quiet and generous donation of NT$5 million (approximately HK$1.21 million) to aid in the relief efforts.

    According to Chou’s record company, the couple jointly contributed the sum to assist the victims of the Hualien earthquake. Out of the total amount donated, NT$1 million (approximately HK$240,000) will be allocated towards school reconstruction, while the remaining NT$4 million (approximately HK$970,000) will be utilised as emergency assistance for affected households facing critical living conditions. In a statement regarding the donation, the record company mentioned, “In fact, they often engage in philanthropic activities discreetly, without seeking public attention, silently helping those in need across various corners of society.”