Japanese TV show “50-Day Beauty Challenge” reveals how Hermès bag can transform a woman’s appearance


17th May 2023 – (Tokyo) Hermès bags are often considered the ultimate handbag for women, but their high price tags make them an unaffordable luxury for many. However, a Japanese TV show called “50-Day Beauty Challenge” (50日間で女性の顔は変わるのか) conducted a real-life experiment to see if using a Hermès bag could transform a woman’s appearance over 50 consecutive days. The show invited a 27-year-old woman named Mai, who is an ordinary office worker and self-proclaimed “otaku” (a Japanese term for someone who is obsessed with anime and manga).

The experiment required Mai to use a peach-coloured Hermès Birkin bag worth 1.4 million yen (approximately HK$84,415) for 50 days straight. Initially, Mai found it challenging to adjust to using the luxury bag and even carried a budget bag alongside it on the first day. However, as she started to feel more comfortable with the Hermès bag, she began to explore makeup and fashion to match the bag, something she had never done before.

Mai purchased a lot of makeup products and started spending three times more time than usual on choosing outfits and getting ready to go out. She also visited hair salons and nail parlors to enhance her appearance, something she had never done before. Additionally, she researched ways to maintain and care for the bag and took extra care to keep it clean and stored properly.

The transformation of Mai in 50 days.

After 50 days, Mai transformed from a plain and introverted otaku to a stylish and confident young woman who was passionate about fashion and beauty. She even started reading fashion magazines and keeping up with the latest trends. The experiment aimed to highlight how small changes in daily habits can boost self-confidence and change a person’s appearance for the better, without resorting to extreme measures such as dieting or cosmetic surgery.