Japanese star Sho Hirano shows gratitude and anticipation for Hong Kong Invitation and Louis Vuitton fashion show

    Sho Hirano

    30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Former main members of the Japanese group King & Prince, Sho Hirano and Yuta Jinguji, have officially joined Hideaki Takizawa’s new company, TOBE. After their transfer, the duo, along with their former teammate Yūta Jingūji, have embarked on a fresh start as part of the group Number_i. This marks Sho Hirano’s first visit to Hong Kong since the transfer, as he is set to attend the Louis Vuitton (LV) Men’s pre-fall show at Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars tonight (30th). Upon his arrival yesterday (29th), Sho shared a handsome photo against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s night scenery on social media. In his caption, he expressed his gratitude for being invited to Hong Kong and praised the city’s beautiful streets. He also expressed his excitement for the upcoming fashion show, garnering over 620,000 likes from netizens.

    In addition, their fellow agency juniors, the group IMP., are expected to break the ban and perform at a live music event hosted by their former company’s Sho Sakurai on the 2nd of next month. There are also prospects for Sho and Yuta to make appearances in the popular variety show “Tetsuwan DASH,” hosted by their former senior, Taichi Kokubun.

    TOBE, under Hideaki Takizawa’s guidance, continues to expand its roster with the addition of Sho Hirano and Yuta Jinguji, following the recent announcement of Ken Miyake’s move to the agency. The news of their transfer has been circulating for some time and was officially confirmed through a YouTube livestream on TOBE’s channel.

    During the livestream, Sho expressed his happiness and gratitude towards his fans, stating, “I am happy that I’m able to greet and report to everyone today with a new feeling. Thank you for waiting. In the future, I would like to create a space for happy times.” Yuta also shared his excitement, saying, “I am happy to meet you all again. I would like to explore new places and experience great things. Please continue to support me.”

    Ken Miyake joined the livestream to warmly welcome Sho and Yuta to their new agency, presenting them with flowers as a gesture of celebration. Both Sho and Yuta have also created their own Instagram accounts, with Sho using the username “sho_h_desyo” and Yuta going by “_yutajinguji.” Through these accounts, they aim to share glimpses of their personal lives with their fans.