Japanese netizen successfully unlocks iPod after 10 years of being locked out


31st May 2023 – (Tokyo) A Japanese netizen, known as “Yuri,” recently made headlines after successfully unlocking his Apple iPod that had been locked for 10 years due to multiple incorrect password attempts. Yuri took to Twitter on the 27th of May to share his story, along with a photo showing the countdown timer indicating that there were only 703 minutes left until the device could be unlocked. This tweet quickly gained the attention and support of over 320,000 netizens, with many eagerly anticipating Yuri’s success and even participating in a prediction poll in the comment section.

Finally, on the 28th of May, Yuri announced that he had successfully unlocked his iPod and was able to use it normally, including playing games. From the photo shared by Yuri, it was revealed that the iPod was the fourth-generation iPod Touch released in 2010, running on the iOS 6 operating system, which was last updated in 2012. The vintage device brought back memories for many netizens, who congratulated Yuri on his successful unlock and shared their own stories of being locked out of their devices for years.