Japanese magazine “Weekly Playboy” introduces AI model Satsuki Ai, who generates more than 5,000 fans overnight

Satsuki Ai

30th May 2023 – (Tokyo) The AI wave has taken the world by storm, with tech companies launching various AI-related programs and applications. In response, Japanese publisher Shueisha’s “Weekly Playboy” magazine has introduced an AI model named Satsuki Ai, who is featured in an electronic photo album. In just one night, the number of her fans skyrocketed to over 5,000.

According to the latest issue of “Weekly Playboy” on 29th May, the name Satsuki Ai was chosen because her creation was in May, and “Ai” is a homophone for AI. Her birthday is set to 29th May, 2006, and her character is described as growing up in Tokyo with a love for playing games.

Satsuki Ai posted her first tweet on 29th May, saying, “My electronic photo album has been released. I would be very happy if you would take a look.” She then followed up with another tweet saying, “Nice to meet you. I’m Satsuki Ai. I will do my best to make you feel like ‘this is good.’ I hope to chat with everyone someday. Please take care of me.”

It is worth noting that Satsuki Ai’s Twitter account was opened in May, and her first post attracted 5,561 followers overnight. The electronic photo album “Shinsei” is priced at 499 Japanese yen (approximately 109 Taiwanese dollars). While some Japanese netizens believe that the emergence of AI models could lead to the unemployment of current “internet beauties” and photo models, others think that AI models could become scandal-free idols. However, some critics argue that the details of AI models, such as their fingers and facial expressions, are not yet refined enough, and they cannot hold meet-and-greet events or handshakes with fans.

“Weekly Playboy” magazine, also known as “Shupure” or WPB, has been published by Shueisha since 1966. Although the magazine covers a wide range of news and special interest topics, such as columns, celebrity interviews, and manga, it is considered an adult magazine. The publication is aimed at men, and each issue features several nude pictorials of female models.

It is important to note that this Japanese magazine is not a regional edition of the American Playboy magazine. The Japanese edition of that magazine was published as “Monthly Playboy” by Shueisha until it was discontinued in January 2009.