Japanese company invents the world’s first edible “pineapple bun mask”


10th June 2021 – (Tokyo) A Japanese company invented the world’s first edible “pineapple bun mask“. A Japanese creative company cooperated with the pineapple bun specialty store “Melon de melon” to develop a “pineapple bun mask”. The shape of the mask is based on a pineapple bun. The mask is edible and is known as “the world’s first edible masks.

The mask is designed in 3D, hollowed out inside to fit the face shape, it is comparable to ordinary masks. Although the mask is edible, because the outside of the mask will be contaminated, only the inside of the mask is edible. But if you are wearing it for a long time, will you really want to eat it?

The mask is for sale for 1,800 yen (HK$127).