Japan achieves record low greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal 2022


13th April 2024 – (Tokyo) Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions have reached a historic low, with figures for fiscal 2022 showing a significant reduction to 1,135 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, the lowest level since records began in 1990, according to Environment Ministry data released on Friday.

The 2.5 per cent decrease in emissions from the previous fiscal year, amounting to 28.6 million tons, marks a continued environmental trend despite a temporary increase in fiscal 2021. That year’s rise was attributed to a post-pandemic economic rebound, the ministry explained.

Breaking down the sectors, commercial and business establishments saw a 4.7 per cent reduction in emissions, dropping to 179 million tons. Residential emissions also fell by 1.4 per cent to 158 million tons, aided by a milder winter which lessened the need for heating.

Contrastingly, the transport sector experienced a 3.9 per cent increase in emissions, totalling 192 million tons, as travel demand surged with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

Looking ahead, Japan has set ambitious targets to reduce emissions by 46 per cent from the 2013 levels by fiscal 2030 and aims for net-zero emissions by 2050. The data from fiscal 2022 indicates a 22.9 per cent reduction from the 2013 baseline, showcasing significant progress towards these environmental goals.