Jacky Chan expresses shock over assault incident in Hebei where male onlookers did not stop women being assaulted


    12th June 2022 – (Hebei) A group of men assaulted 2 women in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei on 10th June at around 2.40am. A drunk man approached and molested the woman from behind in an attempt to start a conversation but the woman pushed him away. He was then beaten. Another woman who tried to help was also assaulted.

    Although all the people involved have been arrested, netizens continue to express their opinion over the incident. Many artists in the entertainment industry have spoken out. When Jackie Chan criticised the male onlookers for failing to help the woman at the scene resulting only women being assaulted. Jackie Chan said on Weibo on the evening of the 11th, “I’m really pissed off, I can’t sleep all night, especially sad that only girls stand up to help each other throughout the whole process, and all the male onlookers did nothing. How can such a thing happen in our country?! I heard that the thugs have been caught now, and I look forward to them being punished!”

    According to Xinhua News, Chinese police have arrested nine people, local public security authorities said Sunday.

    The suspects had all been caught as of Saturday, with the cooperation of police officers from Hebei and Jiangsu.

    A senior official of Tangshan City has vowed to severely punish the attackers under the law, return justice to the injured, and maintain social stability following the incident