Jackie Chan’s white hair sparks concerns of rapid ageing, explained as styling choice for film role

    Jacky Chan is currently filming in Canada.

    7th June 2024 – (Vancouver) Hong Kong actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan, who turned 70 last year, has been the subject of rumours suggesting rapid ageing. Numerous images showing him with a head full of white hair have led many to believe that he has significantly aged, causing concern among fans and netizens about his physical well-being. Recently, Chan travelled to Canada to shoot scenes for the remake of “The Karate Kid,” where he posed for a series of group photos with the cast, once again drawing attention to his white hair.

    However, during a previous public appearance, Chan had already provided an explanation for his white hair. He revealed that it takes him an hour each morning to style his hair and achieve the white look, emphasising that he is not as old as people might imagine and reassuring everyone about his good health. Furthermore, the deliberate decision to sport white hair is related to his character portrayal in the upcoming movie “Strange Family,” where he plays an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The transformation is a result of intentional hair dyeing for authenticity.