Jackie Chan proud of leaving Hollywood, suggests actors stay in China for development


2nd April 2023 – (Beijing) Action movie star Jackie Chan’s latest film, “Ride On,” is set to hit theatres soon with its premiere held in Beijing. Chan, who refuses to use stunt doubles in his films, has personally performed many dangerous stunts in the movie. During the premiere, he spoke about his decision to leave Hollywood and return to China, suggesting that other actors should follow his lead and stay in the country to develop their careers.

“I went there, but nobody said my fighting was good. Nobody cared about my fighting scenes. So, I gave up Hollywood,” Chan said. “Today, I am proud of my decision. It was not that I wanted to go to Hollywood, but that Hollywood wanted me.”

Chan emphasised that actors should focus on developing their careers in China first, and only then consider venturing into foreign markets. He warned that if actors go to Hollywood too soon, they may only be given small roles.

“People won’t write scripts for you. Stay in China and develop your abilities. When you become successful, people will come to find you,” Chan advised.

Furthermore, Chan’s return to China has been a successful one, with him becoming an important figure in the country’s entertainment industry. He has starred in several successful Chinese films and even started his own production company, Jackie Chan Film Group.

As a veteran in the film industry, Chan’s advice for aspiring actors is to always work hard and never give up on their dreams. He believes that passion and perseverance are essential for success in the industry.

“If you have a dream, don’t give up. You have to work hard, and even if you fail, you have to keep trying,” Chan said. “I have failed many times in my life, but I never gave up. I always try to do better.”

Chan’s dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, as he has become one of the most successful and beloved actors in the world. He is a true inspiration for actors and film enthusiasts alike.

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