Italian twins celebrate ‘200th Birthday’ with 50 grandkids, great-grandchildren


29th January 2023 – (Rome) Twin sisters from Italy, named Francesca and Maria Ricciardi, are grabbing the internet’s attention for all the right reasons. The elderlies are the talk of the town as they recently celebrated their ‘200th’ birthday. Yes, you read that right. Born on 23rd January in 1923, Francesca and Maria Ricciardi marked their 100th birthday last week. To make the day extra special, they doubled up their ages and celebrated the 23rd of this month as their ‘200th’ birthday, reported Reuters. On their official Twitter account, the news agency shared a video of the centenarians celebrating their birthday with their 50 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The twin sisters are seen sitting before delicious birthday cakes as their family members cheer and clap for them. The cakes were shaped as the number 200 and were decorated with white icing, as well as pink and white flowers.

Asked about celebrating her special day with her family, Francesca Ricciardi says in the clip, “We have 50 grandchildren.” On whether she ever imagined she would live so long, the woman added, “I didn’t think so.”

As per a report by news publication America Domani, the family members of Francesca and Maria Ricciardi came from the United States to attend the birthdays of the centenarians. “It is God’s gift to live until this age. With the life we had, we could not have possibly imagined that we’d live to be 100 years old,” Francesca Ricciardi was quoted as saying by the publication.